Top 5 amazing catches in cricket history

Catches indeed win matches. This has been proved time and again in various matches where a single breath-taking catch has turned the tide in favor of a particular team. No doubt, there have been a whole lot of catches that can be deemed as “breath-taking”, yet we have listed the TOP 5 CATCHES that go deep down in the history books as the best ones. Not only international tournaments, but also the domestic ones have been kept in view in preparing the list. Let us take a sneak peek into the catches that have been successful in making it to the Top 5:

5. Paul Collingwood’s One handed blinder

The best catch by Paul Collingwood and the best catch for England till date. Paul stretches his body with amazing dexterity to catch a ball way out of his normal reach. No wonder during his prime he was one of the most complete all rounders in the cricket history.

4. AB De villiers’ stunning catch in IPL

The best catch of IPL till date. Match # 20 between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore( before A.B. de Villiers switched teams) . An extremely agile Villiers, coming out of no-where,  stretches out and makes sure he keeps the boundary ropes at bay.

3. Angelo Matthews’ heroics at the boundary line

An unbelievable catch. David Warner gets caught by Angelo Mathews at the boundary line. Matthews takes the catch and then suddenly realises that he is running into the boundary line. The presence of mind he shows at this moment is definitely a treat to the eyes.

2. Gilchrist’s super catch

The reason it makes it to top 5 is the reaction time. It is comparatively easier for a wicketkeeper to take a catch when the ball comes in an anticipated direction; the movement will be in one direction. But in this case, Gilchrist had to leap in a direction totally different from the anticipated one. No wonder this catch is at no. 2 on our list.

1. And the top slot goes to…

The top slot for the “Top 5 amazing catches” category comes from the HRV Cup, New Zealand’s domestic Twenty20 competition. This certainly leads the list when it comes to acrobatic catches where Bevan Small and Michael Mason combined to take the wicket of Northern Knights batsman Brad Wilson. It is better than the Matthews catch at #3 as the fielder at boundary line makes a quick judgement within fraction of a second that he has to redirect the catch to the other fielder to complete the catch.

If you have videos of similar great catches, share in the comments.